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About Jodi

I have been passionate

about photography ever

since I was five years old.

From a very young age,

I was surrounded by

pictures. My Grandfather

always had a camera

around his neck and

all of us kids were

constantly being shuffled

around for the right pose.

I even remember

playing with my

Grampa's old tin type

photos and glass negatives

and knew then that

they were special.

Somewhere along the

way I realized I had

a knack for being on

the other side of the lens.

I went to college for

photography and afterwards

I traveled around Asia

for a few months, but it was

motherhood that made

me truly obsessed.

Suddenly I had so much

I had to say through my

images. Once my little

girl was born, I wanted to

capture everything...

a smile, a glance or a giggle.

I needed to record

everything because week

by week she was changing.

When taking pictures

of my daughter wasn't

enough, I started taking

pictures for other people.

I want to capture for you

what I was able to do

for myself. Our children

change so much I felt

it was important to save

those moments so

they could last a lifetime.

My husband and two

beautiful children are what

inspire me to work and I am

thankful for every moment

that we share together.

I know that you feel the

same way about your

family and I would love

to capture those special

moments for you.


Thanks for visiting,